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Surgery with Predictable, Aesthetic Results

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CHROME™ GuidedSmile Enhances Treatment

You wouldn’t take on any major project without first developing a plan of action. Similarly, we never perform full mouth dental implant surgery without treatment planning first. And using the revolutionary CHROME GuidedSmile technology, we’re able to do this so accurately, we can consistently provide patients with predictable and aesthetic results that last long-term. Collaborating with our on-site dental lab technician, we digitally plan your case, print 3D models and surgical guides, and create a prosthesis all at our Amesbury, MA surgical facility. This streamlined approach also ensures that everything we do is based on highly accurate digital images of your mouth, so the surgical and restorative outcomes are virtually flawless. Get the predictable, beautiful results you want by scheduling your consultation with our oral surgeons today.

How CHROME GuidedSmile Works

Using digital imaging, we take panoramic 3D x-rays of your mouth that are transferred to our surgical planning software. We can plan surgery virtually using our technology and create surgical guides and prosthetics to ensure predictability during surgery and accuracy of fit. During surgery, our custom surgical guide will snap into place, giving us clear direction as to the angle and depth of your implants. And since the prosthetic was created from the same digital information, it will perfectly fit into place once the dental implants are secure in your jaw. Overall, this technology virtually eliminates the margin of error during surgery. We’re able to more consistently ensure your full mouth dental implants will provide functional, healthy, and aesthetic results that last your lifetime.

The Advantages of Guided Implant Surgery

  • Beautiful, functional results
  • Safer, more predictable surgery
  • Less post-operative discomfort
  • Minimal complication risk
  • Outstanding long-term outcomes
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  • Chrome Guided Implants - Precise placement of dental implants

Expert Care Backed by CHROME

Our team of skilled oral surgeons are some of the most experienced in the country and take from a wide range of interests and training to offer comprehensive surgical treatment. Fully trained and qualified to treat patients with even severe cases involving dental trauma or failing dentitions, we provide expert surgical care that brings you back to a state of full function and a significantly improved quality of life. With our treatment backed by CHROME GuidedSmile technology, we’re able to significantly enhance the quality and predictability of our care.

Predictably aesthetic and functional surgery is here.

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