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Minimizing Pain, Maximizing Results

One of the greatest benefits we provide patients through our advanced dental technology is more comfortable surgical experiences. At our state-of-the-art surgical facility, we proudly use technology and equipment that improve how we plan treatment, carry out surgery, and ensure your healthy recovery and long-term treatment success. It’s normal to feel nervous about surgery, but we’ve taken steps to incorporate advanced dental technology into all our treatments so we can ensure the most comfortable, safe, and effective surgeries possible. Schedule your consultation today to see how advanced dental technology complements our surgical expertise and helps us provide outstanding long-term results.

Our Advanced Dental Technology

Eliminate the need for messy impressions for good. We take digital images of your teeth using the iTero intraoral scanner for more precise treatment planning.

Experience comfortable x-ray imaging without high radiation exposure. Using 3D panoramic images of your mouth, we offer more precise diagnostics and surgical planning.

Feel confident in the precision and accuracy of jaw surgery. We use medical modeling (physical replications of your jaw) to plan the most effective, minimally invasive surgery.

Enjoy less invasive and more comfortable surgery with improved long-term results. By using Piezosurgery techniques, we can effectively cut bone without harming healthy soft tissue.

Cosmetically enhance your facial appearance without invasive surgery. We use non-invasive facial aesthetics dental lasers for more comfortable, effective treatment.

Recover faster and healthier after surgery. We incorporate plasma rich growth factors at the treatment site to accelerate healing and stimulate new tissue regeneration.

Heal faster and healthier after bone grafting treatment. Bone morphogenetic protein is used to naturally accelerate new bone growth at the surgical site.

Experience a pain-free recovery after dental procedures without traditional pain medication. SockIt!, an all-natural gel, is administered as needed by you to relieve pain, fight infection, and help accelerate recovery.

Care from an Accredited & Certified Team

Going above and beyond, we’ve taken the steps to become accredited through the AAAASF and adhere to strict safety and sanitation regulations in our surgical facility and operating suites. In addition, we’re certified in advanced anesthesia services, offering all levels in our office, including general anesthesia monitored by our certified nurse anesthetist. All our oral surgeons are trained and experienced in the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery, leveraging our advanced dental technology to provide the safest and most effective treatments possible.

Experience comfortable surgery with our expert team.

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