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Bone Grafting from Expert Surgeons

Are you considering dental implants but have been told you may not qualify for them? This ineligibility can be due to many reasons, but the most common is jawbone atrophy. Without stimulation from the teeth, the bone will shrink, eventually becoming too thin and weak to support dental implants. Our bone grafting techniques restore this lost jawbone and provide the healthy foundation needed for secure dental implant placement. As oral surgeons, our expertise lies in procedures relating to the bone, including grafting techniques to restore your jawbone to proper health and long-term function and to help you regain the life you want. To gain candidacy for dental implants with bone grafting, schedule your consultation at our Amesbury, MA surgical facility today.

Optimize Oral Health with Dental Implants

Dental implants placed after a successful bone grafting procedure provide you with many permanent benefits. They restore your entire tooth, from root to crown, enabling you to return to optimal oral health and function.

Once fully healed and restored, dental implants improve your quality of life by restoring:

  • Self-confidence
  • Dental function
  • Smile aesthetics
  • Jawbone health

Our Advanced Bone Grafting Services

Bone grafting is the general term for taking bone from a separate part of your body or a donor source and using it to rebuild the proper bone levels in the jaw. For cases of severe bone atrophy, we’re able to take bone from a patient’s hip, but we generally can use donor or substitute bone with highly effective results.

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Ridge augmentation

Ridge augmentation is a bone grafting procedure that uses bone material to restore the natural contours and shape of an entire jaw ridge affected by tooth loss, trauma, or birth defects. Ridge augmentation after tooth extraction ensures the jawbone does not resorb before dental implants are placed.

Sinus lift

Tooth loss in the upper back jaw (beneath the sinus cavity) causes both the bone to resorb and the membrane to sink. During a sinus lift, bone is added beneath the cavity to push the membrane up and restore proper bone volume to the jaw beneath.

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Plasma rich growth factors

Plasma rich growth factors are found in your blood and aid in your body’s healing process. By taking a sample of your blood, we can concentrate these growth factors and incorporate them into the treatment site to accelerate natural and healthy healing.

Find out if bone grafting can improve your life today.

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